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Employee Handbook



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Welcome Letter




Welcome To Our Team!!


Welcome to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and want you to know that we recognize our employees as our most valuable resource. Our success in providing the highest quality of food, beverages and service to our customers depends on having quality people like you. We want you to enjoy your time here and are committed to helping you succeed in your new job.


We have prepared this handbook to answer some of the questions that you may have concerning Five Guys and its policies. This handbook is intended as a reference for our policies and as guide. Read it thoroughly. If you have questions about anything, contact your manager for assistance.


We hope you find your time with us to be an enjoyable experience.






Drew Smith

Owner & Franchisee

The Rockham 5G Companies

dba Five Guys

         Burgers AND Fries



Our MIssion                       

Rockham 5G Mission:

·      To achieve profitable growth by serving an excellent product in a fun environment

Rockham 5G Values:

·      We serve only great food consistent with Five Guys standards

·      We maximize each customer's experience with helpful, friendly service

·      We maintain a clean, organized, cheerful atmosphere

·      We reward excellence and improve or remove poor performers



Five Guys success depends on our people. Our restaurant can only prosper and provide opportunities for employment and growth when we continually improve ourselves, and the work we do. We recognize  success is measured  as much by the way in which we achieve our goals as by the actual achievements themselves. Following are the core values that form the foundation of our measurement of success:

We believe in providing great burgers and friendly service. Our goal is to provide the kind of dining experience that our customers tell stories about and that makes them want to come back.

We believe that good enough isn’t. We never stop trying to do it better, no matter how good we are. We constantly strive to "raise the bar.”

We believe in the ongoing training and development of our people. We see it as a worthy investment in the future of the restaurant and as a way of enabling our staff to achieve their potential in whatever they do.

We believe our continued success depends on teamwork. We know that great achievements are only possible from helping and respecting each other.

We believe in doing business in a professional and orderly manner. We take great pride in having good systems, standardized procedures and being organized.

We believe in being responsible to others and to ourselves. We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We believe in personal accountability and avoid blaming others when things don’t turn out as planned.




This handbook is designed to help you get familiarized with Five Guys. We want you to understand how we do business and how important you and every employee is in helping us take care of our guests and making this a fun and rewarding place to work.

The policies stated in this handbook may change from time to time. It isn’t flawless either. We’ve done our best to include as much information as possible in an easy-to-understand manner.

We wish you the best of luck in your position and hope that your employment with Five Guys will be a very enjoyable experience.






BD06642_It is Five Guys policy to hire only United States citizens and aliens who are authorized to work in this country. As required by law, employees will be required to provide original documents that establish this authorization within three days of their date of hire. If the documents are not provided within the three day period, we have no choice, under the law, but to terminate the employee until the appropriate documents are provided. Employees and employers are both required to complete a form furnished by the Department of Labor, form I-9. In Section 1 of form I-9, the information provided by the employee must be valid and authentic. If at any time during an employee’s employment, it is discovered that any document used was invalid or not authentic, the employee must, by law, be immediately terminated.


Five Guys is an equal opportunity employer. We will not tolerate discrimination based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information or disability. Employment decisions, such as hiring, promotion, compensation, training and discipline will be made only for legitimate business reasons based upon qualifications and other nondiscriminatory factors. Discriminatory actions and/or comments will not be tolerated.


All employees must be at least 16 years of age. Employees under the age of 18 must comply with all federal and state wage and hour guidelines, no exceptions. The required work permits must be supplied when applicable.


Probationary Period 

You have been through our employee selection process, and have been selected for employment. Your first 30 days with us will be considered an Orientation Period. During this time we want the opportunity to get to know you, see how you fit in with your co-workers and determine if you are willing and able to carry out the responsibilities for the position in which you were hired. It’s also important for you to get to know us and become familiar with how we operate. The 30 day period allows both you and the Company to see whether or not it’s a good fit and if not, part company as friends. During the Orientation Period you will begin your training and be observed by management. Also, during this time if you feel you do not understand what’s expected of you or that you need additional training, we encourage you to ask questions and seek additional help from our management staff.


PE02403_To help you be successful in your job you will receive adequate training. You will not be expected to be on your own until you are ready. You will participate in detailed training and have access to the training materials to help you perform your job the right way. We want you to be a knowledgeable and productive member of our team.

Because of the considerable expense associated with hiring and training, should you decide to leave or are terminated for cause from the employment of a Rockham 5G company, you will be responsible for reimbursing the company for training depending on how long you worked after your training.





j0307807All employees receive written and verbal performance evaluations each year, typically around the anniversary of your hire date or the date of your last evaluation/promotion/raise if applicable.. The evaluation process is intended to let you know how well you’re performing and help you be more effective and productive. The evaluation also gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts about your performance and future goals with your manager.

The evaluation process is an opportunity to identify accomplishments and strengths as well openly discuss areas and goals for any improvement. Depending on your position and performance, you may be eligible for a pay increase. Pay increases are not guaranteed. Rewards are based solely on a person’s job performance and results.


Managers are evaluated monthly using scorecards. Those scorecards are the Manager’s evaluations.  They provide notice of areas that need to be improved and areas that are doing well.

BD06730_Schedules are prepared to meet the work demands of the restaurant. As the work demands change, management reserves the right to adjust working hours and shifts. Schedules are posted weekly on Thursday. Each employee is responsible for working their shifts.

You should arrive for your shift with enough time to make sure you’re ready to work when your shift begins. We suggest that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your shift begins so that you have time to get settled and ready for your shift. You should clock in when your shift begins and be ready to start work immediately

Schedule changes may be allowed only if you find a replacement and get a manager’s approval. To be valid, the manager must indicate and initial the change on the posted schedule. The restaurant usually requires high levels of staff on or around holidays and other special events. We understand that you have a life outside of the restaurant and will always try to find a way to work with you on your schedule requests. Please remember that even though we will try to comply with your requests, there is no assurance that you will get the requested time off.


In accordance with Federal Minimum Wage Law, employees are paid overtime when they work more than 40 hours in one week. Hourly employees are paid at one and one-half times their basic straight time rate for all overtime hours worked





j0234700Consistent with our GOAL and values, it is important for all employees to be fully aware of the rules which govern our conduct and behavior. In order to work together as a team and maintain an orderly, productive and positive working environment, everyone must conform to standards of reasonable conduct and policies of the Restaurant.



1.     Invalid Work Authorization (I-9 form).

2.     Supplying false or misleading information to the Restaurant, including information at the time of application for employment.

3.     Not showing up for a shift without notifying the Manager on duty. Call-Outs must be made directly and via verbal contact with a Manager on shift.  Emails, text messages and phone messages left with someone else shall not be accepted. This is the same as quitting.  (No call, no show, no job).

4.     Clocking another employee “in” or “out or having another employee clock you either “in” or “out.”

5.     Leaving your job before the scheduled time without the permission of the Manager on duty.

6.     Arrest or conviction of a felony offense.

7.     Use of foul or abusive language.

8.     Disorderly or indecent conduct including but not limited to indecent exposure or engaging in sexual acts of any sort on Restaurant premises.

9.     Theft of customer, employee or Restaurant property including items found on Restaurant premises.

10.  Theft, dishonesty or mishandling of Restaurant funds or property including but not limited to cash theft, unauthorized borrowing of company funds, food theft, food and drink giveaways, and misuse of employee meals.  (Please note that it is against Rockham 5G policy for any employee to remove food or paper inventory from the restaurant, even if the food has expired, unless it is non-expired inventory for use at another Rockham 5G restaurant.) Failure to follow cash and guest check procedures, and or the reporting of false financial results.

11.  Refusal to follow the reasonable instructions of management.

12.  Engaging in harassment of any kind toward another employee or customer.

13.  Failure to consistently perform job responsibilities in a satisfactory manner.

14.  Use, distribution or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol on Restaurant property or being under the influence of these substances when reporting to work or during work hours.  As such, Rockham 5G reserves the right to test employees and managers for illegal substances and/or alcohol.

15.  Waste or destruction of Restaurant property.

16.  Use or possession of firearms on Restaurant property.

17.  Actions or threats of violence, discriminatory or abusive language directed toward a customer, another staff member, or members of management.

18.  Threats against the Rockham 5G corporate management team or any Rockham 5G legal entity.

19.  Excessive tardiness; being ten (10) minutes or more late on three (3) scheduled shifts within a thirty (30) day period

20.  Habitual failure to punch in or out.

21.  Disclosing confidential information including policies, procedures, recipes, manuals or any propriety information to anyone outside the Restaurant.

22.  Rude or improper behavior with customers.

23.  Smoking or eating in unapproved areas or during unauthorized breaks.

24.  Not parking in employee designated parking area.

25.  Failure to comply with Restaurant’s personal cleanliness and grooming standards.

26.  Failure to comply with Restaurant’s uniform requirements.

27.  Failure to report safety hazards, equipment defects, accidents or injuries immediately to management.

28.  Failure to work in a safe manner following Rockham 5G and Five Guys safety guidelines.

29.  Inappropriate use of a work computer, a Rockham website or Five Guys website.  All employees should assume that all communication on the work computers is being monitored and that use of a Rockham or Five Guys website can be tracked. 

30.  Calling out of your shift three (3) or more times in a thirty 30 day period.

31.  Insubordination.

32.  Any loss of $100.00 or more may result in the manager on duty’s suspension and/or termination due to theft, negligence, or mysterious disappearances.

33.  If a cashier comes up $5 over or under, they will be subject to disciplinary action.  Repeated violations will result in suspension and/or termination.

34.  If a manager or shift leader closes the store early without authorization from their Area Manager or the COO.


Please also remember that when you are at near the store either before or after your shift, if you are in your FIVE GUYS uniform, you represent and your conduct reflects upon FIVE GUYS.


Drug Testing

Rockham 5G does not tolerate the use of illegal drugs.  We have a random drug testing program for managers and shift leaders that handle deposits, and have partnered with Quest Diagnostics to facilitate the program.  Manager and shift leader names will be randomly generated and they will be instructed to report to a nearby Quest Diagnostics for testing.  Employees must be tested within 5 days of notification, unless the employee is tested for cause. 


Testing for Cause. Any employee may be tested for cause when a reasonable suspicion exists that the employee appears to be under the influence of illegal drugs or illegally using prescription drugs, synthetic drugs and/or alcohol.  Testing must be completed within 24-48 hours.


Any employees that test positive for illegal drugs including Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Barbiturates, and/or Opiates will be terminated.  If that employee wishes to appeal the termination, Rockham 5G management and the store management may, at their sole discretion, choose to re-instate an employee as a crew member at a crew rate subject to a two-week suspension and clean, employee paid, follow-on drug tests.


Rockham 5G reserves the right to drug test or alcohol test any employee, whether manager or crew, including on-the-spot tests.



PE03616_It is this Restaurant’s policy to treat all personnel with dignity and respect and make personnel decisions without regard to race, sex, age, color, national origin, religion or disability. We strive to provide everyone a workplace that is free of harassment of any kind. Employees are encouraged to promptly report incidences of harassment.  Discrimination, or discriminatory comments, based on race, sex, age, color, national origin, religion or disability will not be tolerated.


All of our employees have a right to be free from sexual harassment. Five Guys does not condone actions, words, jokes or comments that a reasonable person would regard as sexually harassing or coercive.  Further, Five Guys does not condone fraternization among managers and crew members that creates an uncomfortable environment in the restaurant.

Rockham 5G’s detailed policy on sexual harassment can be found at http://www.rockham.com/handbook/Statement_of_Sexual_Harassment_Policy.htm.



Five Guys requires good attendance and punctuality on the part of all team members. From time to time, circumstances beyond your control may cause you to be absent from work for all or part of the day. However, unauthorized absence or tardiness is not allowed and will result in disciplinary action.


·      If you are going to be late or miss work, employees are expected to call and talk to a manager at least 2 hours before they are scheduled to work.

·      An employee who reports to work ten (10) minutes or more late on three (3) scheduled shifts within a thirty (30) day period is considered excessively late and will receive a written warning.

·      Any employee who fails to report to work  and fails to call in for his/her scheduled shift will be terminated for “JOB ABANDONMENT.”

·      Prior to taking a leave of absence for purposes of vacation, personal leave, military or jury duty, or other planned absence, written notice should be submitted to and approved by the GM.  Written notice should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the scheduled leave date, unless the request is due to an unexpected emergency. The nature of the emergency should then be shared with the General Manager.

·      To return to work from an accident or medical leave, all employees must present a doctor’s release.

·      Any employee who fails to return to work at the expiration of a personal leave of absence will be deemed to have abandoned their job, unless Five Guys is notified of a reason, satisfactory to management, for not returning to work at the end of the leave of absence.


j0199977You are requested to give a two-week notice of your plans to leave the restaurant. A notice is important so that we have time to hire someone to take your place. Giving a two-week notice is a professional courtesy and assures that you are eligible for re-hire and will not have a “quit without notice” on your employment record.

Failure to provide adequate notice may result in a reduction of your pay rate, which will reduce your pay and permanently remain your rate for future references.

To prevent employee “poaching,” you are precluded from working at another Five Guys for a period of six months after resigning from a Rockham 5G Five Guys.



Payment Procedures


You should arrive at the restaurant 10 to 15 minutes before you are scheduled to start work. You may clock in within 5 minutes of the start of your shift.

Tampering, altering, or falsifying time records or recording time on another time card is not allowed and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


Paychecks are available at the Restaurant every other Friday after 2PM. After payday, you may pick up your paycheck during normal working hours. Please understand that it may be difficult for anyone to be available to obtain your paycheck during peak business hours.


Your paycheck will indicate your gross earnings as well as deductions for federal and state withholding taxes and social security and Medicare taxes. Federal and state withholding taxes are authorized by you based on the information you furnished to us on form W-4. If you want an explanation of your deductions or if you wish to change them in any way please notify the General Manager.

As per state law, the Restaurant complies with court orders in connection to garnishments from employee paychecks as directed by the proper authorities. You will be notified of any court-ordered payroll deductions.


We ask that you report any address changes to the GM as soon as possible so your year end statement of income and deductions, form W-2, will be mailed to the correct address.


Report lost paychecks to your manager as soon as possible. We will stop payment on the lost check and reissue you another check on the next payroll cycle.  



Some employees and managers may be eligible for bonuses.  Bonuses are generally paid in the month after the evaluation period.  Bonuses are conditional upon those workers remaining employed through the date the bonuses are paid.  Employees who quit or are terminated for cause prior to the date bonuses are paid lose those bonus rights. 


Due to the nature of the restaurant business you may be required to work holidays. It is currently our policy to close the Restaurant for business on the following holidays: Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  Please note that we may NOT be closed for Easter.


PAID TIME OFF can be used for sick leave, vacation and / or holiday leave.

ALL active, salaried employees who have reached their One (1) Year anniversary of salaried employment with Five Guys will begin to earn PAID TIME OFF.  You will be able to earn up to Five (5) Days paid leave per year.  To be clear, the first year you work, you will not accrue PTO, the second year you will accrue five days, the third year you will accrue ten days, and each additional year thereafter you will accrue fifteen days of vacation.  As an example, if you have worked 18 months, you will have accrued 2.5 days of vacation (0 for the first year, 2.5 for the first half of the second year).

Your earned leave must be taken as time off; you cannot receive pay-in-lieu of your earned leave time.  If you quit or are terminated and you have “borrowed” against future vacation days, you will be required to repay those days.


In locations where there are paid time off laws for non-salaried employees, Rockham 5G will be compliant with those laws.


Request for paid leave are to be submitted in writing to your manager and approved prior to granting leave. Employees are asked to submit requests for PTO (Three (3) or More days off consecutively at least two weeks prior to the scheduled vacation date, unless the request is due to an unexpected situation. Efforts will be made to grant PTO time as requested, but business needs may require an employee to adjust his or her PTO time.




Five Guys Burgers & Fries is committed to providing a complete benefit package to our employees. All employees who have worked 30 days or more are eligible to participate in employee-paid voluntary benefits TransAmerica at our group rates.  Voluntary benefits include: Short Term Disability, Life Insurance and Accident Insurance. 


The coverage is voluntary and a completely individual purchase decision. It is up to the employee to decide if the benefits make sense to them.  If coverage is selected, payment of the premiums will be done through the convenience of automatic payroll deductions.  If you have any questions with regard to these voluntary benefits, please contact Janice Brendlinger, Personnel Director at 610-383-5695.  All enrollments are done directly through our TransAmerica representative, Shanna Mancuso from TriBen Insurance Solutions at 888-264-2147. She will be able to provide you rates as well as sign you up for any coverages you may be interested in. 




Only active, salaried managers are eligible for employer-paid health insurance. Rockham 5G is proud to offer one of the most attractive health insurance benefits in the industry. Our health insurance renews each spring, and the percentage of our health insurance plan that is paid by Rockham 5G may fluctuate depending on the plans offered and dollar cost increases from year to year and plan to plan.




Medical and Dental insurance Eligibility Information (Salaried Employees)



Qualified employees are eligible for employer-paid medical and dental insurance immediately after being hired or promoted into a qualified position.  Dental insurance is provided through Aetna.  Medical insurance is provided through United Healthcare.  All enrollment paperwork must be submitted to our insurance carriers within 30 days of their eligibility date, therefore it is extremely important that salaried employees contact either Janie Bupp (jbupp@rockham.com) or Janice Brendlinger (jbrendlinger@rockham.com) within 2 weeks of the qualifying event.




Worker’s compensation provides benefits for employees who suffer personal injury from accidents or illnesses arising out of, and in the course of, their employment with the Restaurant. An employee who is injured on the job, regardless of the severity of the injury or illness, should:

·      Report the occurrence to the manager on duty.

·      The manager on duty will need to obtain information as to exactly what happened, how the injury or illness occurred, the exact time and location, as well as any witnesses to the occurrence.


If an employee experiences a disabling work injury, the nature of which necessitates an absence from work, the General Manager will provide the employee with information concerning his or her lawful benefits


All worker’s compensation claimants will be subject to drug testing as part of the worker’s compensation process. 



Employees will receive one free meal during each shift. Employee meals can be taken on a scheduled break or (a single meal only) taken with you at the end of your shift.  Any amount of food greater than one meal per shift is explicitly not authorized, and will be considered theft.  Only gray shirt managers should enter/authorize employee meals.



Employees may receive tips.  Rockham 5G does not track tips and so does not report them to the IRS.  It is the responsibility of the employee to track and report any and all tips they receive.



Restaurant Policies & Practices


BD05624_Our restaurant exists only because of customers, and in particular repeat customers. Taking care of our customers and getting to know them is our highest priority. At Five Guys the customer always comes first!


Nobody enjoys getting complaints, but complaints are to be expected as part of being in the hospitality business. They can give us insights as to how to make Five Guys better and resolving complaints satisfactorily can even increase customer loyalty IF they are handled properly.

When faced with a customer complain:

·      Don’t get defensive

·      Apologize and tell the customer you will take care of the problem.

·      If you need the assistance of a manager, don’t hesitate to ask. Your managers are more experienced in this area and will gladly help. Do everything you can to let the customer know you care and that their total satisfaction is our goal.

BD10596_Our managers are committed and trained to provide you with the tools and positive working environment for you to do your job to the best of your ability with minimal distractions. You will be treated with respect and dignity by all of our management personnel and we will try our best to recognize and reward your hard work and accomplishments.

We recognize there may be occasions for misunderstandings and problems to come up. We want to clear up these types of situations in a fair and timely manner and in order to do this we need your help in bringing them to our attention. We want you to know that “management is never too busy to be informed of work-related problems, complaints or disputes of any employee.”

If you have such a problem, you should promptly talk to your manager. They will listen in an open, objective and courteous manner. If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should take up the matter with the Multi-Unit Manager responsible for your store.  If you feel that your problem still is not being dealt with fairly, you should contact Rockham 5G Corporate at 800-597-5983 x85. 


PLEASE NOTE, if you have a problem that you choose to escalate directly to Rockham 5G Corporate or Five Guys Corporate without talking first to your Manager and Multi-Unit Manager, you may be removed from the schedule while the issue is investigated.  Every necessary action will be taken to resolve a problem or settle a dispute in a fair and equitable manner. 


Team meetings, when scheduled, are held for your benefit as well as for the Restaurant. Such meetings are treated as a shift and attendance is mandatory. Only management-approved absences will be accepted. Most meetings offer employees the opportunity to provide valuable input for feedback and provide suggestions to enhance our working environment and the operation of the Restaurant. Ample advance notice by way of the weekly schedule will be provided for any required meetings.


We cannot achieve our goals without working together as a team. Teamwork basically boils down to common courtesy and common sense. If a co-worker is overloaded and you’re not, help them in any way you can. They will return the favor. If another employee hasn’t quite caught on to something and you have, ask if you may suggest another way to do it. Genuine teamwork makes for a much more enjoyable and satisfying work experience and results in happier customers.

j0213519 Five Guys is committed to maintaining a safe workplace for all of our employees. The time to be conscious about safety is before an accident happens. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and is a regular, ongoing part of everyone’s job.

You will receive more specific, detailed information and training on safety issues as an ongoing part of your employment. However, here are some basic guidelines and safety rules to always keep in mind:

·      Wipe up spills immediately.

·      Never run the kitchen, always walk carefully. Even when it’s busy, take small steps and pay attention.

·      Wear shoes with non-slip soles.

·      Report defective equipment or tools to a manager immediately.

·      Never operate equipment unless you have been trained how to use it properly.

·      Employees, who are sick/ill and/or have infected cuts or lesions, shall not be allowed to work.

·      Never try to catch a falling knife. Knives are easier to replace than fingers.  Cut resistant gloves should always be worn when using knives.

·      Use proper lifting techniques. Never lift too much. If it’s uncomfortable, make two trips or get some help. Remember to always bend at the knees, lift with your legs, not your back.

·      The Five Guys Operations Manual has greater specifics regarding safety and should be considered incorporated herein.  This link is provided for convenience only, as the most recent handbook should always be used for reference:  http://www.rockham.com/Operations_Manual_2011.pdf


BD06726_Due to the nature of the restaurant business, it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that EVERYONE follows safe food handling procedures. This is one area of the Restaurant where there is absolutely no compromise. NEVER take shortcuts on food safety and handling. Every day we are entrusted with the health and even lives of our customers. This is a huge responsibility, one that we must never take lightly.

While you will receive additional and ongoing training on food safety issues following are some of the basic rules we ALWAYS follow and enforce:

Keep your hands washed. Always wash your hands after using the restroom, smoking, touching your hair, eating, sneezing or coughing. If you use latex gloves, change them frequently.

Sanitize everything. Besides clean hands, use sanitizing solution to constantly keep counters, cutting surfaces, and utensils. This helps to keep food handling areas and preparation tools free of bacteria.

Prevent cross-contamination. Cross-contamination occurs when raw meat comes in contact with other food that will be served without further cooking. For example, never place raw meat on a cutting board and then cut vegetables for an uncooked product on the cutting board without first washing and sanitizing it first. The same for utensils like knives and portioning tools; always wash and sanitize them after every use.

Store food correctly. Raw meat should always be stored below cooked or prepared food. Keep chemicals and cleaning products away from food products.

Man in ApronTo maintain our image as a high quality restaurant we need to dress the part. Following are detailed descriptions of dress. If you have any questions regarding our dress code please ask your manager.


Minimum Requirements:

Shoes – We require shoes with non-slip soles that permit walking safely on wet or greasy floors. Shoes must be clean.  No open-toed shoes are permitted.

Pants - Pants must be black “Dickies” or blue or black jeans with no decoration and be long enough to touch the top of the shoe, or with the explicit permission of the Director of Operations shorts to the knee may be worn in certain instances. Pants must be worn at the waist.

Shirts – Each employee will be provided with Five Guys uniform T-Shirts and hat/visor free of charge. Employees that leave within the first 90 days of employment, however, will be expected to return all shirts, cleaned, to their manager before receiving their final paycheck. Failure to return shirts will result in a charge of $5 / shirt.  If long-sleeves are necessary, employees may wear clean white long-sleeved shirts under the required Five Guys t-shirts.

Hats – A *CLEAN* red Five Guys Kitchen Hat bearing the approved Five Guys logo in white is required to be worn by all employees

Appearance - Good personal hygiene practices followed. Clean and well groomed hair. Hair pulled back off the shoulder. Well groomed hands and non-artificial fingernails, and no colored nail polish (clear nail polish is acceptable). Facial hair should be short (beards longer than 1/4 inch must be in a restraint, moustaches are not required to be covered) neat and well trimmed. Hair restraints used around exposed food and food contact surfaces.  Clean outer clothing worn.

Accessories - No excessive cologne, perfume, make-up or jewelry. Jewelry: non-dangling earrings and a plain wedding band are allowed. No facial piercings, including tongue rings, or dangling jewelry is allowed. No watches should be worn.  No analog or digital personal music devices with headphones or earphones.


Please Note: Various stores and areas may exceed these requirements.



BD06715_Report all accidents, no matter how minor they seem, to the manager on duty. In the event of an emergency, like an apparent injury or choking situation, notify a manager immediately

If you are ever involved in a robbery, DO NOT RESIST! Statistics show that people, who resist, are three times more likely to be injured than people who do not resist. The safety of you, your fellow employees and customers are our highest priority. Don’t be a hero, always cooperate fully and do not resist!


All employees must know the specific location and operation of fire protection in the restaurant. The kitchen is equipped with many fire-extinguishing systems in the ducts, hood, and other cooking equipment that contains a dry chemical. Be very specific before setting off a fire alarm or notifying someone to take action.




It is illegal to steal, copy or communicate or transmit a former employer’s confidential or proprietary information. Proprietary information is defined as “the whole or any part of any scientific or technical information, design, process, procedure, formula, or improvement that has value and that the owner has taken measures to prevent from becoming available to persons other than those selected by the owner to have access for limited purposes.” Our internal business practices, procedures and recipes are of great value to Five Guys. Employees are not to disclose any proprietary processes or recipes to any person unless directed to by Five Guys MANAGEMENT. Five Guys will institute civil action against anyone who violates this policy.

Further, your salary and the salary of your coworkers are confidential information.  Do not discuss or disclose your salary, bonus or any other form of compensation from Rockham 5G with other employees.


Employees - There should be no solicitation or distribution of literature of any kind by any employee during actual working time of the employee soliciting or the employee being solicited.  Any employee who violates any part of this policy will be subject to counseling and disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Non-Employees - Non-employees are prohibited from soliciting and distributing literature at all times anywhere on Company property.  Non-employees have no right of access to any area of the premises other than areas open to the public, and then only in conjunction with the area’s public use.




This Employee Handbook does not constitute a contract of employment either in whole or in part. The Company, reserves the right to add, delete, or change any portion of the Employee Handbook with or without notice.




Your employment status:_______ Full Time _______ Part Time


Your position title: ________________________________________________________


General Manager’s Name: __________________________________________________


Your starting date: ________________________________________________________


I acknowledge receipt of, and have read, the Employee Handbook that outlines my benefits and obligations as an employee of Five Guys. I understand the Standards of Conduct and each of the rules and regulations which I am expected to follow, as well as the additional policies. I agree to abide by all of them.


All employees are expected to have their conduct conform to the rules and regulations as set out in this handbook, and understand that they are at-will employees. The contents of any Employee Handbook, including this one, that may be distributed during the course of their employment shall not be construed to be a contract or in any way binding. The Company reserves the right to change, at its discretion, the contents of this handbook.





This handbook is a general guide and provisions of this handbook do not constitute an employment agreement (contract) or a guarantee of continued employment. It is simply intended to outline the benefits and work requirements for all employees. It is further understood that the Company reserves the right to change the provisions in this handbook at any time. It is policy of the Company that employment and compensation of any employee is at will and can be terminated with or without cause, at any time, at the option of the employee or at the option of the Company.



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